Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Themes of Wedding

Not mandatory but highly recommended, the topic of marriage is a crucial element to customize your wedding and celebrate the spirit of your guests. Original, classical, comedy, romantic ....You find the topic that describes you.

What are your passions? Your leisure? Your profession? Your artistic tastes?Your favorite movie? Your collections? Your musical style? Your color? Your origins? Your meeting …. .... A small phase of introspection and ideas come naturally ... Base your portrait Chinese.

But for those who would be stuck for inspiration, this article will give you some ideas to easily find the theme of marriage.

The themes inspired by the nature nature
Just look around you to find a source of inspiration as nature is full of wealth and beauty.The abundance of vegetation, flowers, animals are all ideas for theme of marriage, likely to delight your guests.

Start with a walk in the countryside. Widespread marriage Field remains one of the easiest to achieve because of the profusion of items sold on the marriage theme. The birds, ladybugs, roses, butterflies, poppies ... .. are matters likely to be decoration, full of gaiety and color.
Then, a detour by boat ride, you breathe in the world aquatic decline decoration on the marsh: dragonfly, water lily, reeds .... will delight your guests in a serene and restful.

Get on altitude and admire the landscape and snowy forests of fir to inject a breath mountain Villa, snow, log ... Dispenser your evening a rustic atmosphere, marked by the crackling fire in the fireplace.

For the timid, go near the sea spray and smell the salty wind from the ocean for a modern, embedded in the sand and shellfish galore.

Throughout your travels, admire nature itself in its finery with the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter will make beautiful decorations.
Harassed all these trips, you fall asleep under the stars and enjoy to contemplate the sky at night.